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Spring Sensations Art Show

“Spring Sensations” Show at Main Street Art Gallery

The days are getting warmer, snow is melting, animals are coming out of their winter homes; in short, anticipation of spring renewal is all around.  “Spring Sensations” is the current art show at the Main Street Art Gallery in Norcross Place, located beside Sawyer River Trading Company.

Among the many artworks in our current show, you will find a fanciful collage of a Rockin’ Robin, lots of barnyard animals peeking out of their pens to smell the fresh air and a lush forsythia bush in full bloom. What could be more springlike!

In the Residents Gallery are seven artists – Sarah Eastman, Bill Fein, Barbara Perry, Sandi Poor, Rosemary Gerbutavich, James O’Donnell, and Phyllis Tracy.

In the rest of the gallery are painters Sharon Allen, Martha Aucoin, Maryellen Moran, Mary Borowski, Terri Brooks, Betty Brown, Bruce Grubb, Rebecca Fullerton, Amy Taylor, Jeri Swenson, Laura Thompson and Merle Sciacca showcasing a variety of mediums and styles. Photographers include Ernie Hiscox, Eric Gillette, Julie L’Heureux and Karen Lord. And our crafters are Ann Pelosi and Debony Thorne.

Just to name a few highlights of the show, check out Terri Brooks’ award winning pastels, Bruce Grubb’s large abstract landscapes, Ann Pelosi’s mushroom jewelry and Bob Gordon’s retrospective oil paintings. Come in and find your favorite piece. It’s time to spruce up your home after spring cleaning and art makes a unique addition that can be enjoyed for generations.

The majority of artworks displayed are original paintings with a wide range of price points and styles. For a more affordable gift, the gallery has numerous small artworks, boxes of cards, ceramic tiles, jewelry and matted prints. Shop locally and support local small businesses.

The Main Street Art Gallery is open from Thursdays through Sundays from 11am to 3pm. For more information, please call 603-356-2787.

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